What a Whopper

25 06 2011

Lyrics – Curtis A. Duval
Music – Curtis A. Duval
Publisher – Will Rossiter, Chicago – 1906

The Pyramids of Egypt have occasioned lots of talk
because no one can say who put them there.
Sampson’s hand, ‘tis said, was in it, but it wasn’t for a minute,
he had trouble of his own elsewhere.
I’ll tell you how it came about, but don’t allow the truth to out,
or else I might be thought a pelf.
On a winter’s night in June when the sun obscured the moon,
 I stole out there and put them up myself.

I’m the kid that built the Pyramid, I’m the kid, (He’s the kid,)
And I am sure it is about the greatest thing I ever did, (He ever did,)
I put it up in just a single night, with the stars above my only light,
I’m the kid that built the Pyramid, (He’s the kid,)

I built the Sphynx and put her on her throne out in the desert
and I caused the River Nile to flow.
Forty thousand barrels, to a dot, of sweat I lost, it was so hot,
a working on that old scarecrow.
And now my perspiration travels over all creation,
for the River Nile is it – you see.
If you’re asked who built the ark, don’t say me, I ain’t that mark,
 but credit just the Pyramids to me.


I built the tow’r of Babel and it was a “bummy” job,
but then I had a “tide” aboard that day.
I constructed it lopsided, which the Natives much derided
and with jeers they drove me far away.
My courage nigh forsook me when that gang of Arabs shook me
in the desert – wasn’t that a plight?
But an inspiration came, to perpetuate my name –
I raised the mighty Pyramids that night.





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